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SHARON IRLA credits her mother (an artist and free-lance dressmaker) with her early "creative wiring".  Around the age of 5, she started learning to draw by copying her mother's fashion sketches, which laid the foundation for what would become a hallmark of Irla's luminous, award-winning portraits of American Indian women. Inspired by the strong, resilient, Cherokee women in her family, Irla seeks to represent contemporary, traditional and Indigenous feminine and matriarchal themes and to invite the viewer into a personal perspective of Native women -  from a Native woman's perspective.

A self-taught painter, Irla's work is recognized for it's rich detail and luminescent skin tones, which she refers to as the "Old Master" techniques of artists such as Caravagio - a technique she also teaches in her workshops.  Her work also encompasses award-winning photography and digital art.

Murals, Frames & Paintings Video:

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