Victoria Mitchell Vazquez - Pottery

VICTORIA MITCHELL VAZQUEZ learned traditional southeastern woodlands style pottery making in 1990-1991 from her mother Anna Sixkiller Mitchell, a full blood Cherokee who revived the art in Oklahoma over 40 years ago.

A native Oklahoman, Victoria now lives in Craig County, where she digs and processes the clay the way her mother showed her.  All the pottery and sculpture she makes are hand built rather than using a potter’s wheel.  Most of the tools she uses are found in nature or hand made.

She teaches pottery workshops for several Oklahoma tribes and has conducted workshops at Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, University of CA,  Davis and for private groups.  She also teaches children through the Indian Education programs and Johnson O’Malley grants.

Currently her work is exhibited at the National Museum of American Indian, 4th floor, Smithsonian mall, Washington, D.C. and is for sale at Dept. of Interior’s Indian Craft Shop there, and locally at Buffalo Sun Store in Miami.

Victoria has won numerous awards at Santa Fe Indian Market, Red Earth Festival Oklahoma City and other Indian Markets in the U.S.

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